The Pakistan Study Circle was originally established in May 1960 by Jeanne Pogue, New York. It was set up as a study group for the more serious consideration of Pakistan postage Stamps and all aspects of Philately. The newsletter of the group ‘Pakphil’ was edited by Jeanne from May 1960 to Jan/Feb 1971.  It shut down because she was the main support for it and did not have the time needed.

In January 1995, Pakphil was ressurected by Jeff Siddiqui in the USA and ran for a number of years.

The society was reformed in the UK and the newsletter was Edited by George Rab.

The current incarnation of the PSC was restarted in 2018 with a new Editorial team of Ehtasham Ahmed and Shahzad Zia. The society publishes ‘Pakphil’ journal twice a year in March and September and is posted to members. Two meeting a year are held in the UK in Staffordshire in March and August.


  • Salman Qureshi – Honorary President
  • George Rab – General Secretary
  • Mike Roberts – Publicity Secretary
  • Martin Robinson – Membership Secretary
  • Mohammed Aslam Azad – Pakistan Secretary
  • Ehtasham Ahmad – Joint Editor Pakphil
  • Shahzad Zia – Joint Editor Pakphil / Website